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Maximum Tax Service is a family operated business that has specialized in consultation, amending, e-filing federal and state tax returns for individuals and small businesses since 2009. We strive to offer our services that are easily affordable. Our many years of experience ensure satisfaction! There are more than 40 years of military service and more than 20 years of tax preparation experience between the owners

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Advance Refunds, upon IRS approval!!

 Up to $6000 Advance Refund up to $1000 with ZERO Interest!  

Attended School? Must have 1098T

Remember, get the New Real ID DL!

Ready, Set, Let's GO!


Maximum Service! 

Minimum Cost!

It's Tax Time!
  1. Head of Household filers must have a qualified dependent and must pay rent or mortgage.

  2. Standard Deductions have increased.  Exemptions have been removed.  

  3. Many taxpayers will no long be able to itemize.

  4. Protection Plus provides up to $2500 Audit Assistance for a minimal fee.

  5. IRS deters filing with last pay stub.  Please present with ALL required tax documents, unless unsuccessful attempts were made to retrieve it.

  6. We can not Approve or Disapprove IRS status.

Please call:  Meta Bank 484-546-2242 OR Track your refund at:

www.irs.gov - Where's My Refund?  Download IRS2go App 

Be the first to e-file, call us now!

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Taxpayers claiming certain tax credits won't see refunds until late February

Do you own a business?  If so, please keep all receipts. 


SC Taxpayers may claim the motor fuel income tax credit when filing their state income tax returns beginning in 2018 for 2019!

Claim Moving Expenses - if you are military and have out of pocket expenses for relocating.
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Max Tax is a North Charleston, SC family owned tax preparation service company. Since 2010, Max Tax has established a tax preparation service division, offering excellent accounting services to greater than 4000 customers. We amend previously-prepared tax returns, consult, prepare and electronically file Federal and State tax returns for individuals and small businesses and strive to offer our services that are easily affordable. For a great service, call on Max Tax!